Largo De Reus Bell Pepper Seeds

£ 1.25

📋 Information: Largo De Reus peppers are a large variety of sweet bell peppers originating from Spain. This variety produces peppers much larger than the traditional variety, upto 20cm in length and grows on a large bushy plant which can reach 1 metre tall.

✅ The peppers are harvested usually when they have turned to a dark red, but can be harvested whilst still green. Like most bell peppers, Largo De Reus can be eaten raw in salads or stuffed with cheese and meats and roasted for stuffed peppers.

🌱 Germination & Care: Germination temperature is between 26°C and 32°C (germination period: 10-20 days). Plants should be placed in a sunny, protected place with a minimum of 6 hours direct sunlight per day. Move plants outdoors only when temperatures consistently stay above 12°C.

🫑 Variety: Extra Large Bell Pepper (Red).

Quantity: 10x Largo De Reus Pepper Seeds.