About Us & FAQ

At SpecialitySeeds, we are gardeners, and as gardeners, we know exactly what it's like to want to grow many different types of fruits and vegetables to maximise the effort we put in and make the financial commitment worthwhile. Like most gardeners, sometimes space can be an issue, and buying a pack of tomato seeds containing over 2000 seeds seemed like a huge waste to us. What kind of home gardener can grow 2000 tomato plants?

We hate seed waste, which is exactly why we started this business. All our seeds are packed into smaller quantities, so you can concentrate on growing exactly what you need rather than worrying about how many seeds will be wasted.

How many seeds are in one pack?

Each seed variety is different. The more specialised the seed, for instance, the extra-hot chillies and the heirloom tomato varieties, are packed into 10 seeds that can be sown individually. Varieties such as onions, lettuce, carrots, etc. are usually sown directly and packed into 0.1g packs. The quantity of seeds in these packs is usually dependent on the size of the seed and is outlined in the product description.

Where are you located?

We have a small farm in the Malaga region of Andalusia, Spain, where we grow our speciality seeds. 90% of our European and worldwide orders are packed and shipped from Spain, but we also have a distribution operation in the United Kingdom that processes our orders within the UK market.

Do you grow all your own seeds?

We grow the majority of our own seeds; however, we do purchase some of our seeds in bulk amounts from EU seed suppliers. All our seeds are regularly tested for high germination rates and plant growth.